Welcome to Pixley and District.

Neighbourhood Development Plan: Pixley and District PC, (Aylton, Little Marcle, Munsley and Pixley), is considering producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

Neighbourhood planning is a key part of the Localism Act. It gives local communities greater power to shape development by having a direct role in the development of planning policies at a local level. Within Herefordshire, neighbourhood planning can only be undertaken by town and parish councils, with Herefordshire Council providing technical support and assistance and making necessary decisions at key stages. Parishes can seek to prepare the following:

There is grant funding available for two years from this month. Grants are for up to £9000 per NDP and must be spent within 6 months, it is recommended that to apply for two smaller grants than one big one.  Pot is time-limited with last applications in April 2018. A meeting to gauge public interest and initial participation will be held at The Nest on Tuesday, 17th May at 7.30pm.  Lynda Wilcox from HALC will give a NDP background talk and we can then have a general discussion, if anyone turns up.  As a result of the interest, or lack of, we can then decide at the May PC meeting whether or not to go ahead. All residents of Aylton, Little Marcle, Munsley and Pixley welcome to attend. Further information about and guidance on producing the NDP here. As examples the settlements in this list are in the process of producing a NDP. Download a flyer for the meeting here.

About Pixley and District

Pixley is situated some four miles from the town of Ledbury and ten miles from the city of Hereford and lies mainly to the south of the A438 Ledbury to Hereford road. The adjoining villages of Aylton, Munsley and Little Marcle all lie within three miles, and together the four parishes are administered by the Pixley and District Parish Council. At one time the economy was based exclusively on farming and while this is still true to a large extent, the introduction of the Internet has allowed many to work from home bringing a greater diversity of work to the area, as the demand for workers on the land becomes more seasonal and mechanised .

Pixley itself, rather like Little Marcle, Aylton and Munsley, is more a collection of farms rather than a village with a centre, but enjoys typically beautiful Herefordshire countryside with rolling hills and valleys. Like many English villages the social centres are the churches and pubs. It is also an area which has been inhabited for a long time, with Pixley being mentioned in the Doomsday Book and churches dating from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Access to the area is quite easy with Motorways close by (M5 and M50) and good road links from Worcester and Gloucester, and railway stations in both Ledbury and Hereford. A good range of hotels, pubs and B&B are available serving high quality food, much of it locally produced and organic.

If you run any local events please let us know and we will publicise them – please send information to webmaster@pixleyanddistrict.org.uk with a valid e-mail address please.