Who are your councillors?

Aylton Phone Little Marcle Phone
Allen Mawby 01531 670185 Kenneth Davies 01531 670269
Rebecca Jones 01531 670250 David Hewitt 01531 670090
Vacant Mike Skittery 01531 670227
Munsley Phone Pixley Phone
June Cowell 01531 670240 Edward Thompson 01531 670228
Phil Whitfield 01531 670239 Lesley Clothier 01531 671069
Harry Hodges 01531 670394 Steve Swaithes 01531 670433
Wendy Cox 01531 670495 Vacant

There are some 70,000 parish councillors in England and Wales. Parish councillors
get no financial reward for what they do, but are, nevertheless, accountable
to local people for things that happen locally.

Elections take place to elect councillors every 4 years. The next election will take place in May 2015. Councillors can also be co-opted; this is where the council chooses
who will fill the vacant seats if there are not enough candidates at election
time. In addition, if a vacancy occurs between elections, the council must
find out if the electors want an election before they can co-opt.

Currently there are two vacant seats on the council.

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