Who are your Councillors?

 IMG_0036   Lesley Clothier – Chairman

IMG_0041  Wendy Cox – Vice-Chairman

No Photo available – Ken Bray

IMG_0034  June Cowell

IMG_0026  Ken Davies

IMG_0039  Pelham Hawker

IMG_0038   David Hewitt

No photo available – Allen Mawby

IMG_0035  Mike Skittery

IMG_0029  Steve Swaithes

IMG_0040  Edward Thompson

IMG_0037  Miranda Thwaites

IMG_0032  Phil Whitfield

jan picture for website    Parish Clerk – Janet Chester

Currently there is one vacant seat on the parish council.

Please email the clerk pixleyclerk@btinternet.com for more information if would be interested in becoming a parish councillor.