Minutes of The Parish Council Meeting 27th September 2011


PRESENT: Councillors M Skittery (Chairman), H Hodges, K Davies, G Mowbray, Mrs R Jones, S Swaithes,  A Mawby, P Viner, E Thompson & P Whitfield

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs P Morgan (Ward Councillor), Peter Yates (Herefordshire Council) , Mrs J Chester (Clerk)


1. Apologies for Absence were accepted from:

Councillors D Hewitt (Vice-Chairman), I Brookes, Mrs L Clothier and Mrs J Cowell

2. Declarations of  Interest:

Councillor M Skittery declared a personal interest in item 9.2 on the agenda

3. To Agree the Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on Tuesday 26th July 2011

The previously circulated minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Open discussion for Local residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council


5. To Receive a Brief Report from the Ward Councillor Mrs P Morgan

Mrs Morgan reported that there is a meeting on the Local Development Framework at Bishops Frome Village Hall on 12th October at 7pm where final consultation will take place. The LDF will allow Parish Council’s to have more involvement and influence on planning decisions. Cllr Morgan also informed councillors about the proposed Marches Enterprise Zone development at Rotherwas. Jobs should be created for graduates which would help the growth of the county.

Broadband in the county is looking for a “Broadband Champion” to encourage people to return a questionnaire being sent to all households. Regarding the Tesco’s/Sainsbury’s proposed new stores in Ledbury Peter Yates confirmed a study has been undertaken and it has been discovered that the applicant cannot say that Ledbury has a need for another retail store and therefore Herefordshire Council have reasonable grounds to resist the application but would struggle financially if the application went to appeal.

6. To Receive Proposal for gypsy site from Herefordshire Council Forward Planning Officer Peter Yates

Mr Yates reported that Herefordshire Council were vunerable as an interim policy at the West Midlands Regional Assembly had given Herefordshire Council a target of 109 pitches by 2017. A gypsy and traveller assessment had been carried out and this number has been reduced to approx 40 pitches. In 2010 the council put out a “call for sites” to try and reach this number. 11 possible sites came forward, some of which were rejected straight away as being unsuitable. The site of the old pickling yard in Pixley is one being looked at. There are concerns of ground contamination at the site and a previous application in 2005 was withdrawn because if this and highway visibility issues. However the site does appeal to Herefordshire Council as a permanent (not transit) site for 5 pitches and 5 tourers, because it is next to a main road, tucked away and because of the ground contamination is not much use for anything else. The access issues can be resolved. The landowner would be advised to sort out the ground contamination problem before applying. As planning rules are different for gypsies the council wish to lower the number of pitches they have to provide  thus enabling resistance to new sites. Herefordshire Council are looking at maximising potential at their own existing sites. No formal application for the pickling yard has yet been received. Pixley and District Parish Council have a strong argument against any new sites because there are already 5 sites within the parishes, all with a good relationship with residents.

7. Correspondence

The clerk read out a letter of response from UBL regarding lorries on the A4172.

The clerk has checked with HALC regarding councillors representing parishes they do not reside in and because of the election it is not possible for councillors to swap.

It was decided that the clerk consult Gloucestershire County Council under the Freedom of Information Act and enquire how their traffic assessment justified the 50mph speed limit on their roads leading onto the A4172.                                                                                         ACTION – CLERK

8. Finance

8.1 The clerk and chairman signed copies of the clerks contract

8.2 Election costs of £93.27 have been advised form Herefordshire Council, invoice will follow in due course.

8.3 Finance report was AGREED

8.4 Payments as per the financial report were AGREED

9. Planning

9.1    Considered Planning Applications

9.1.1 DMN/111554/F Ledbury Welding and Engineering Ltd, New Mills Industrial

Estate, Leadon Way,  Ledbury, HR8 2SR

Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a Class A1 (retail) store, car parking,

landscaping and associated works.

PC Comment: The Parish Council believe there is a need for a larger supermarket in Ledbury in principle but do not support this present application because of its adverse effect on the town centre car parking and independent retailers which is a major attraction for visitors.

9.2      Planning Applications already considered

9.2.1 DMN/111696/F Hazel Cottage, Aylton, Ledbury, HR8 2QH

Construction of an all weather surface 20m x 40m horse ménage for private use and a 12m x 8m pond for nature conservation. Installation of a new access gate onto the country lane from the south east part of the field in order to create a 2 acre independent field

PC Comment: The Parish Council support application but are concerned about the visibility at the proposed new entrance

9.3 To Note Decisions from Herefordshire Council

9.3.1  DMN/112069/AM Brooklands, Putley, Ledbury, HR8 2RL

Non material amendment to DMN/111267/FH – Glazed link between the existing dwelling and new extension to replace two full length glazed panels with blockwork and render halfway with one 1200mm double glazed window above.

APPROVED 14.9.11

10.    Training

HALC Training Dates were noted

11.    Blind Spot at Little Marcle Crossroads

This item was deferred to the next meeting as Councillor Hewitt was not present


12. Update on SID’s and to agree proposed press release

A proposed press release had been circulated. After a few minor alterations it was agreed to try and publish it in the Ledbury Reporter, Hereford Times, Hereford Journal, Gloucester Citizen, Ashperton Advertisor and on the website.                                                                ACTION – CLERK

13. Sandbags

After discussion it was agreed that the clerk should order 100 sandbags to be delivered to Priors Court for storage and distribution to Pike Cottage and Andrew Power.                   ACTION – CLERK

14. To Receive comments on Joint Housing Strategy

Herefordshire Council has requested views on its Joint Housing Strategy. The Parish Council decided that the important issues were a lack of affordable housing and high levels of fuel poverty. Clerk to advise Herefordshire Council.                                                           ACTION – CLERK

15. To receive names for Local Development Framework Consultation meeting

Herefordshire Council are holding a meeting on Wednesday 12th October at Bishops Frome Village Hall at 7pm. Councillors Skittery, Hodges, Davies and Jones expressed a wish to attend together with the clerk.

16. Overflowing Bin at Falcon Lane Bus Shelter

The clerk has sent letters of complaint to Haygrove and to Herefordshire Council. No responses have been received yet. Clerk asked to follow up.                                                      ACTION – CLERK

17. Tesco’s / Sainsbury’s Ledbury

This item had been discussed earlier in the meeting as a planning application had been received.

18. Footpath from Little Marcle to Much Marcle through Laddin Farm

It was thought that there is actually two footpaths with a “break” between and that the  previous owner of Laddin Farm let people cross his land unofficially to access one footpath to another. Clerk to check minutes of a site meeting at Laddin Farm for a previous planning application to ascertain details.                                                                                                        ACTION – CLERK

19. Information Sheet Noted (Circulated)

20. Planning Record Noted (Circulated)

21. Items to be put on Agenda for next Parish Council Meeting (No Discussion)

  • Report from LDF Meeting
  • Horse Issues in Aylton
  • Review of Parlimentary Boundaries
  • Haygrove Minutes

22. Next Scheduled Meeting

Tuesday 25th October at 7.30pm at Munsley W I Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.55pm.


Signature of Chairman                                                                  Dated:……………………………………….