Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting 29th Nov 2011



PRESENT: Councillors M Skittery (Chairman), D Hewitt (Vice-Chairman), H Hodges, K Davies, G Mowbray, S Swaithes, A Mawby, E Thompson, Mrs R Jones, Mrs L Clothier, & P Whitfield

IN ATTENDANCE: Mrs J Chester (Clerk)


1. Apologies for Absence were accepted from:-

Councillor Mr P Viner and Ward Councillor Mrs P Morgan

2. Declarations of  Interest:

Councillor M Skittery declared a prejudicial interest in item 9.1.1 on the agenda

Councillor H Hodges declared a personal interest in item 9.2.1 on the agenda

Councillor E Thompson expressed a prejudicial interest in items 9.2.2 and 6.1 on the agenda

3. To Agree the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 25th October 2011

The previously circulated minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Open discussion for Local residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council


5. To Receive a Brief Report from the Ward Councillor Mrs P Morgan

Cllr Morgan had given her apologies. She was unable to attend as she was attending Ashperton Parish Council meeting.

6. Correspondence

6.1 Complaints of Light Pollution from Alexander Park

Two representatives from Alexander Park attended the meeting to address concerns that the parish council had received from local residents who were also present at the meeting.  The lights from the driving range can be seen from places including Putley, Pool End and Preston Cross. The lights had been moved from the roof onto the floor recently but the problems still exist. The owner of Alexander Park is willing to put a fence along the bottom of the driving range and to plant other screening to help alleviate the problem.  A lux test reading has been done on the public highway and was within the planning agreement level of 1 lux. An email from Putley Parish Council advised that a plan and design of the lights is to be sent to the Planning Enforcement Officer by the owner of Alexander Park.  It was agreed that Alexander Park is an asset to the area but needs to work with the locals to achieve an agreeable outcome.

6.2 Gazerdine House planning proposal

The new owners of Gazerdine House had approached the Parish Council for advice on submitting a planning application. They plan to set up a micro brewery in their garage. This will be to try out the production of their beer and to test the market. If successful they would be looking to set up a larger scale brewery elsewhere at a later date. No building work will be required so the planning application would be to change from residential use to mixed use. After discussion the Parish Council agreed to support this local business and looked forward to receiving the application once submitted to Herefordshire Council. The owners were thanked for approaching the Parish Council in the first instance and for coming along to the meeting to address questions.

6.3 Haygrove Meetings

It has been noted that Haygrove Consultative Meetings that were scheduled to be held regularly every two months to inform local residents of Haygrove intentions are not working out and community views are not being respected. Information has not been available at meetings concerning things that happen a few days after the meetings. The clerk is to send a letter from the Parish Council to express their support over the concerns raised and also mention the fact of Haygrove submitting retrospective planning applications.                                ACTION – CLERK

6.4 Localism Bill

The Localism Bill received Royal Assent on 15th November. A paper produced by The (Government) Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) – “The Plain English Guide to the Localism Act” had been received by the clerk and circulated.

7. Highways and Footpaths

7.1 Update on Speed concerns on A4172

The lack of response from Herefordshire Council regarding the Parish Councils concerns is frustrating. Members felt that the numerous access points onto the road and dips and blind spots are not being considered. The clerk is to request a copy of the data collected by a “black box” recently installed by Knapp Farm. At the recent Highway Patrol event, Andrew Lee-Jones stated that when the speed limit on the Hereford to Worcester road was reduced from 60mph to 50mph the accident rate increased. Also new speed limits are unlikely to be enforced.  ACTION – CLERK

7.2 Update on Footpath from Much Marcle through Laddin Farm to Little Marcle

It was agreed that it may be in the landowners interest to give permissible access to walkers. The Chairman agreed to approach the owner of Laddin Farm to discuss.   ACTION – CHAIRMAN

7.3 Little Marcle Blind Spot

A meeting between the land owner and Amey has taken place. Amey are to investigate cutting back of approx 12 metres of hedge with organised traffic control.

7.4 Falcon Lane Litter Bin and Give Way Sign

It was confirmed that the bin is now being emptied every week and the give way sign has been reinstated.

8. Finance

8.1 Revised Election costs of £187.88 have been advised from Herefordshire Council. As agreed at the October meeting the clerk has sent a letter disputing the charge.  A response from Herefordshire Council stated that the original invoice still stands. A letter of complaint is to be sent to our local MP and the invoice is to remain on hold. ACTION – CLERK

8.2 A report from the Financial Group meeting was discussed. It was agreed to increase the clerks paid hours from five per week to seven per week. After discussion it was agreed to request a precept for 2012/13 of £5000.

8.3 Finance report was AGREED

8.4 Payments as per the financial report were AGREED with the exception of the Election Fee invoice and the SID invoice, results are required before payment is made.

9. Planning

9.1    Considered Planning Applications

9.1.1 DMN/113006/F Newbridge Play Barn, Aylton, HR8 2QG

Play barn extension to accommodate more indoor play equipment.

A site meeting had taken place on 12 November at which road access and safety concerns were raised. The owner has been in discussions with highways regarding road signs warning of entrance and has made an application for 4no. brown signs to be positioned.

PC Comment: The Parish Council support this application subject to signage (brown road signs) being installed.

9.2      Planning Applications already considered

9.2.1  DMN/112788/L  Mainstone Court, Trumpet, Ledbury, HR8 2RA

Repairs and internal alterations (part retrospective) replacement of sash windows

P C Comment: The Parish Council support this application

9.2.2 DMN/112920/F  Knapp Farm, Pixley, HR8 2QB

Re-routing and construction of 100 metre section of HGV access road to Knapp Farm (retrospective)

P C Comment: The Parish Council are concerned about the applicants continued use of retrospective planning applications. Should this application be approved the Parish  Council has suggested conditions to be applied.

9.3 To Note Decisions from Herefordshire Council

9 software collaboration tools.3.1 DMN/111554/F Ledbury Welding and Engineering Ltd, New Mills Industrial

Estate, Leadon Way, Ledbury, HR8 2SR

Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a Class A1 (retail) store, car parking, landscaping and associated works.


10.Training / Meetings

10.1 HALC Training Dates were noted. Details of HALC meetings in 2012 to be circulated to councillors by clerk                                                                                                 ACTION – CLERK

10.2 Neighbourhood Planning Meeting. It was felt that the meeting took place too soon and that a lot of questions raised could not be answered. The proposed Neighbourhood Plan will replace the Parish Plan and there is an ongoing pilot scheme in the Golden Valley for grouping parishes together. The idea is to take the “Land Use” part of the existing Parish Plan and incorporate it into a new Neighbourhood Plan. The idea of clustering parish councils together to share costs was discussed. The clerk is to investigate if Pixleys Parish Plan has been accepted by Herefordshire Council. A further meeting is to take place in the New Year.

10.3 Report on Highway Patrol evening. Cllr Thompson gave a comprehensive report of this meeting. The issue of flooding at Pool End was discussed, the clerk is to ask Amey to come and readdress.                                                                                                            ACTION – CLERK

11. Update on Sandbags for parishes

100 sandbags have been delivered to Priors Court for storage and distribution.  Some have already been distributed. The clerk has put a sign on the notice boards advising of contact details for residents requiring sandbags if they feel they are at risk of flooding.   

12. Broadband Questionnaire

Councillors were encouraged to spread the importance to local residents of them completing questionnaires

13. Information Sheet Noted (Circulated)

14. Planning Record Noted (Circulated)

15. Items to be put on Agenda for next Parish Council Meeting (No Discussion)

  • Knapp Farm Driveway dust and noise
  • Alexander Park Light Pollution
  • Putley Jubilee Celebration Meeting 12th January

16. Next Scheduled Meeting

Tuesday 31st January 2012 at 7.30pm at Munsley W I Hall

The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 10.10pm.