Neighbourhood Development Plan

Pixley & District Parish Council   

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Pixley and District Parish Council is producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Neighbourhood planning is a key part of the Localism Act. It gives local communities greater power to shape development by having a direct role in the development of planning policies at a local level. Within Herefordshire, neighbourhood planning can only be undertaken by town and parish councils, with Herefordshire Council providing technical support and assistance and making necessary decisions at key stages. Parishes can seek to prepare the following:

There is grant funding available for two years from April 2016. Grants are for up to £9000 per NDP and must be spent within 6 months, it is recommended that to apply for two smaller grants than one big one.  Pot is time-limited with last applications in April 2018.

A meeting to gauge public interest and initial participation was held at The Nest on Tuesday, 17th May at 7.30pm.  Lynda Wilcox from HALC gave a NDP background talk and this was followed by a general discussion.  As a result of the interest the parish council decided at the May PC meeting to go ahead.

Developments will be recorded on this website.

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