The Cider Group of Parishes



Aylton, Little Marcle, Much Marcle with Yatton, Pixley, Putley,  Wellington Heath

                                                                                                                         Rev Howard Mayell
27 Hazle Close,
Ledbury HR8 2XX
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April 2017

Dear Parishioner

I am writing to advise you of the current situation with your delightful 13th Century Parish Church, St Andrew’s Pixley that nestles in the yard of Pixley Court Farm.

The church in this parish is at a critical time of its history, the current regular congregation is made up of a small group of elderly people who find themselves in a situation where they find it difficult to cover the essential work that makes a parish flourish.

What is needed therefore are people in the parish who are prepared to become involved in the regular life of the church, for without this the future of your local church is bleak, at worst it could lead to closure with all the attendant issues that would bring in relation to Marriages, Baptisms and Funerals.

I am asking you therefore, if you feel it is important to keep your local church in good order, to come and share with us at our 11.00am service on Pentecost Sunday [the Birthday of the Church] on the 4th June and then stay for a discussion to resolve the best way forward for your church in this place.

Yours in Christ

Rev Howard Mayell