Meeting Dates, Agendas and Minutes

Parish Council meetings are usually held bi-monthly on the last Monday of the month at Munsley WI Hall (on the A348 about 400 yards East from Trumpet Crossroads) at 7.30pm. (Unless this falls on a bank holiday or is over Christmas or Easter). Extra-ordinary meetings can be called at any time. The agenda for a meeting will be displayed on this website (please click on the appropriate link) and the parish notice boards at least three clear working days prior to the meeting.


Monday 29th January  Draft Minutes

Monday 26th March

Monday 28th May

Monday 30th July

Monday 24th September

Monday 26th November


Scheduled meeting dates are:-

Monday 30th January  Agenda   Minutes

Tuesday 21st February (Extra Ordinary Meeting)  Agenda   Minutes

Wednesday 8th March (Extra Ordinary Meeting)  Agenda  Minutes

Monday 27th March   Agenda  Minutes

Wednesday 10th May (Extra Ordinary Meeting) Agenda  Minutes

Wednesday 24th May (amended date) – Annual General Meeting Agenda  Minutes

Monday 31st July  Agenda   Minutes

Monday 25th September  Agenda   Minutes

Monday 27th November Agenda   Draft Minutes


28th November  Agenda  Draft Minutes

26th September   Agenda  Minutes

5th Sept (Extra Ordinary Meeting)  Agenda  Minutes

1st August Agenda   Minutes

27th June (extra-ordinary planning meeting) Agenda   Minutes

23rd May   Agenda Annual Parish Meeting  Draft Minutes

Agenda – Parish Council Annual General Meeting   Minutes

Wed 30th March  Agenda  Minutes

25th January  Agenda   Minutes


26th January   Agenda  Minutes

30th March   Agenda   Minutes

18th May  Agenda   Minutes

27th July  Agenda   Minutes

28th September  Agenda   Minutes

30th November  Agenda   Draft Minutes

Previous Minutes